Update on Sunday Worship

Dear Friends 

The last week has been a PCC meeting week. The work that PCC members do is fundamental to keeping the churches open, maintained, functioning and hopefully flourishing. When our annual meetings come we have the opportunity to elect new members and re-elect those whose terms have come to end and are willing to stand again.

The Rural Dean has asked all benefices some questions. Responses will feed into a Deanery Plan. Being part of a deanery and a diocese assures us that we are not alone and that we are part of a bigger whole – ultimately, we are part of the universal church, Christ’s church. The Deanery is one of our links with the wider church as a source of support, fellowship, encouragement, and a way of enabling communication in both directions, up and down. The clergy of the deanery meet monthly.  No living thing can stay the same, so it is natural for every body to either decay or to grow. So there are times when we discuss our hopes for growth and make plans for the future.

Among the questions the Rural Dean posed was,’ What two priorities for mission would each church in your benefice like to set for the coming year?' Paula and I thought it would be helpful to suggest a set of questions, that were emailed to PCC members, to help explore and open up this big question.  Members have reflected on our sense of where God is already at work. We have reflected on the many ways that church members are involved in community life with all ages. We found ourselves focussing in on two questions, ‘What activities link the community and the church?’, and ‘How do we use our church building?’ Discussions were encouraging and fruitful with various ideas hopes and plans that will feed into further discussions and direction setting.

This coming Sunday we have a range of worship opportunities from 8 am BCP Communion, a Service of the Word at Towcester at 9.15 am and Holy Communion at Greens Norton at 11.15 am as well as the usual 10.15 am Zoom service.

With every blessing


This week....

Thanks to an introduction from South Northants Volunteer Bureau, a small team from Barwood Capital Limited at Pury End visited St Lawrence Church this week and helped Steve and Will (independent volunteer) lay wood chip to the main pathways. This not only improves the natural look of this beautiful and tranquil churchyard, it helps suppress the mud underfoot for all those who walk through or wish to stop and take time there. We have already received positive feedback from within the community. We look forward to seeing other members from Barwood over the next couple of weeks, both at St Lawrence and St Bartholomew’s. Such volunteering is of great help to the clergy and PCCs.

St Lawrence Churchyard      St Lawrence Churchyard

St Lawrence Churchyard      St Lawrence Churchyard

 Update on Sunday Worship

 Worship for this coming week
21st April 2024
Fourth Sunday of Easter

Lectionary Readings: (these links will take you to Bible Gateway from the NIV):

Acts 4: 5 - 121 John 3: 16 - endJohn 10: 11 - 18 
This week's reflection by John Booth entitled "Jesus the Good Shepherd"

In Church Worship:
Details for services are in the Services for This Month.
This can be picked up in church.

Zoom Services:

PLease click here and follow the on screen instructions. 
The meetings rooms are opened about 15mins before the service is due to start. All the liturgy for the service will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Sunday 10:15 am Benefice Sunday Worship 
  • Monday to Saturday 9.00 am Morning Prayer (except on the first Tuesday of each month) 

Forthcoming Events

History Tour     St Bartholomew's Table Top Sale

Family Worship in the Tove Benefice     Garage sale

Ascension Day     Get Vaccinated

Benefice Office Opening Times
9.30 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday

Annual Parish Council Meetings 2024
The Parishes of the Benefice are intending to have their meeting as follows:
St Michael’s, Bradden                     12th May
 St Mary’s, Easton Neston                 4th May
 St Lawrence, Towcester                  12th May
 St Bartholomew’s, Greens Norton    5th May

These should be in the respective churches during the Service on that day.

Electoral Rolls Revision will take place over these time periods:
 St Michael’s            from 17 March to 14 April     Exhibit on: 28 April
 St Mary’s                 from 16 March to 13 April     Exhibit on: 20 April
 St Lawrence            from 17 March to 14 April     Exhibit on: 28 April
 St Bartholomew’s    from 17 March to 14 April     Exhibit on: 21 April

On the last date for each Church, the Electoral Roll will be closed and the new one compiled and published in Churches on the Exhibit dates shown above.
Those wishing to join an Electoral Roll will find a link to a form here
All completed forms must be returned to the Benefice Office by the dates in bold above. 
PLEASE indicate clearly on the form which Parish it is for.

COVID Vaccination Clinics
Wednesday and Friday 24th and 26th April  from 10:00 am to  2:00 pm at Towcester Rugby club.
Eligibility over 75 years and anyone who is immunosuppressed.
Please see Government Information to see if you fall into the categories.

Don't forget that the Weekly News contains details of this weekend and next weekend's services, daily bible readings, prayer requests and notices for forthcoming events in the Benefice and for Churches Together in Towcester, together with other relevant or interesting notices. 

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Update on Sunday Worship

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