Update on Sunday Worship

Dear Friends 

Firstly, I would like to start by thanking all those who helped in anyway with preparing for or attending last Sunday's Advent Services.  At the 9:30am service in Towcester a young lady asked if she could share with us a song about the churchyard or as she put it 'your garden out there'.  She told us, through tears, that she has not had the easiest of year but she had found comfort and joy in 'the garden' and a smile came across her face. In the evening was the Benefice Advent Service in Greens Norton. I have heard from a number of people how much they appreciated that time and space.  A special thank you to the Benefice choir who sang beautifully.  We made full use of new LED window ledge lighting in St Bartholomew's which created a lovely atmosphere.

December is a magical month within the life of the church and the ideal opportunity to invite your friends and neighbours to join us at one of the many services that are taking place.  There is something for everyone!  We have, and are continuing to, advertise these services all over the parishes, but there is nothing that beats a personal invitation.  What's the worse they can say?  No... But they might also say 'yes please'.

During Advent we are encouraged to set aside time for study, prayer and fasting. As part of your Advent discipline you might like to consider joining Revd Angela and Chris for Compline (Night Prayer) via zoom.  This takes place every night at 9:40pm and the joining details are in the weekly news or the link in the "Notices" section below.
Following this week's changes to COVID measure we have reviewed our procedures. From this Sunday I am politely asking all who attend in-church services to wear a face covering.  There will be spare disposable face coverings available on the door and of course there are those who are exempt.  If you wish to be socially distanced from others please let the sides person or churchwarden know and they will seat you accordingly.

Do you know a neighbour or a friends who would appreciate Christmas Day lunch delivered to them? Once again in light of the current situation we have made the decision to offer a delivery only service. In addition to the meal, every person will receive a treat bag with other seasonal items in it.  We would like to include a card and a small gift and if anyone wishes to donate towards that, you can drop cash or gifts off to the Benefice Office.  Please mark it clearly "Christmas Day lunches".  Many of the volunteers who helped last year have offered again to fill bags and deliver the meals on Christmas Day so we have enough helpers.  

URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP: Christmas meal food collection on Saturday 4th December at Tesco.  Has anyone got an hour they can spare on Saturday to help with collecting food for the Christmas meal delivery service? On Tuesday, Tesco’s kindly offered us a table on Saturday where people can leave food donations for us and this needs to be manned between 8:00am and 3:30pm.  Jenny will be there during that time but if you can spare an hour to help and give her some respite she would be grateful. You can contact her on 07517 980094 or by email on Jennyml.uk@gmail.com

Final call for empty toilet roll tubes (if we microwave them for 30 seconds we can now use them) and 4 pint/2 litre plastic milk bottles with tops. Can the milk bottles be washed out please?  We still need lots more so keep collecting and please drop them off at the Vicarage in Towcester or inside Greens Norton or Towcester church. 

And finally....all are invited to St John Ambulance Carol Service with the fabulous Musical Charity Choir at St Lawrence on Wednesday 8th December at 7pm.  Refreshments afterwards.

With blessings and prayers

Revd Paula Challen

First Sunday of Advent - Tove Benefice

Update on Sunday Worship

Worship for this coming week including Sunday 5th December,
the Second Sunday of Advent

Lectionary Readings : [the links will take you to Bible Gateway from the NIV]:
Malachi 3:1-4   Philippians 1:3-11    Luke 3:1-6

The reflection this week is by John Booth Hammett entitled "Preparing for the Future"

Zoom Services:
PLease click here and follow the on screen instructions. 
The meetings rooms are opened about 15mins before the service is due to start. All the liturgy for the service will be displayed on the screen. 

  • Sunday 10:15 am Benefice Sunday Worship
  • Monday to Friday 9.00 am Morning Prayer 

In Church Worship: 

  • Sunday 9:30 am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Sunday 11.00 am Holy Communion at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 3.00 pm Christingle at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 4.00 pm Christingle at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Tuesday 8am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Wednesday 10:15 am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester

Worship in Church for next Sunday (12th December) 

Whilst we are no longer asking you to book online for services or sign in on arrival, we do ask that, where possible, you continue to wear face masks in Church. If you are unable to wear a face mask, please consider distancing yourself from other members of the congregation. 

Services for next week, the Third Sunday of Advent, Sunday 12th December are:

  • Sunday 8.000 am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Sunday 9:30 am Holy Communion at St Michael's, Bradden
  • Sunday 11.00 am Family Praise at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 1.00 pm Holy Baptism at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Sunday 2:30 pm Holy Baptism at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 6.00 pm Lessons and Carols at St Lawrence, Towcester

The Weekly News contains daily bible readings, prayer requests and all our additional notices for forthcoming events in the Benefice and for Churches Together in Towcester, together with other relevant or interesting notices.
If you know someone doesn't have internet access, please could you print a copy up and pop it through their door?

During Advent Revd Angela and Chris are offering daily Compline (Night Prayer) via Zoom from 9:40 pm to 10.00 pm starting on Sunday 28th November until Christmas Eve. To join please click here and follow the onscreen instructions. All the words needed for the service will be shared on the screen.

Time4Tea has started via Zoom on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm.
This is an opportunity for people to natter and support one another across the Benefice. Please click here and follow the onscreen instructions to join.
The meeting ID is 838 1074 2222 and the passcode is 881601 should you require it.

Easton Neston Church and Churchyard visitors
If you have previously registered your number plate for access to visit St Mary's Easton Neston Church and Churchyard and it is not working the gate, please would you let Bev know on 01327 354385.

The Benefice Office is open from 9:30 am to 12.00 noon and 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm, Monday to Friday. 
Please be aware that the office is closed in the midday lunch break.  
01327 350459   tovebeneficeoffice@gmail.com  

For details of how to make a donation to your local parish church, please click here.

Update on Sunday Worship

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