Churchyard Report - July 2015

In July we started to tackle some of the weeds and plants growing against the church itself.
St Lawrence Churchyard - July 2015St Lawrence Churchyard - July 2015The North West wall next to the car park proved hard going due to the ground being compressed from the cars parking there over the years, but our hardy volunteers were not deterred and conquered it as the photo shows.
On the south side of the church the weeds against the wall had grown to a depth of about two feet, part of this has now been cleared revealing some tomb stones that had been hidden within.
The circular hedge surrounding the new Garden of Remembrance is slowly being trimmed and tidied up
for another year.
This hedge is itself partly surrounded by a narrow brick pavement about 18" in width.
Over the years this has slowly succumbed to the grass creeping across it and the scattering of daisy seeds settling in the gaps to grow and start bobbing their heads in the breeze, this is now being restored  with part of it being cleared each month.
A new concrete seat has now been placed into this Garden of Remembrance for people to sit on for reflection.  
If you have not been out there recently then go and take a look at the changes.
We are planning for a stall at the flower festival which will include a map of the churchyard, what birds have been seen there, a sample of a bird box we are making for the churchyard as well as a survey you can take and information sheets you can take away.
The Churchyard work-party meet outside of the church on the first Saturday of every month at 9:45 am.

Jenny Lunn

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