Churchyard Progress - May 2015

The oak tree in the churchyard, known as the Millennium Oak, has over the years gradually been disappearing within the roses that were planted around it; so this area became one of the targets for the team in May. 
The Millennium Oak, St Lawrence, TowcesterThe rose stems often exceeded five feet in height (taller than me) were cut down to about 2 feet, and a week later many small shoots are beginning to appear on the stems ready to reclaim the space now available around them.
Nettles are also allowed to grow within this area as they are popular with butterflies and other insects.
The hedge around the old ashes area that is tucked into the South east corner of the church became another target for the team; this hedge had grown to such a height that little light filtered into that area. 

The Millennium Oak, St Lawrence, Towcester

This has now been reduced to a couple of feet and will in the future be pruned annually to keep it to a sensible height.
It has exposed further work party requirements for weeding and cleaning up the ashes area behind the
hedge (volunteers welcomed).
I spoke to a lady walking through the Churchyard whose family place flowers weekly on their mother’s ashes in that area and she likes the changes - they are beginning to be noticed by those who use the Churchyard.
The new ashes area was given a clean, with some of the memorial stones washed over and muck removed.
Future plans for this area include adding some plants to bring some scent and colour into there.
General pruning and trimming of branches finished off the tasks for the group that day If you would like to adopt an area of the churchyard, such as keeping the old ashes area free of weeds, then let Alan Gilbert or myself know.
The Churchyard work-party meet outside of the church on the first Saturday of every month at 9:45.

Jenny Lunn

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