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    Please remember that 'the church' is actually the people and we are still praying, worshipping, and serving our community.
    We will continue to hold services on zoom, offer our weekly emails with reflections; and telephone offering prayer and support to anyone who asks.

    The Tove Benefice, Towcester, Northamptonshire
    The Tove Benefice
    Activities, Events and News
    for the Tove Benefice

    Contact the Tove Benefice, Towcester, Nortamptonshire
    Contact the Tove Benefice
    The Tove Benefice Office
    address and contact details

    Services for the Tove Benefice, Towcester, Nortamptonshire
    This Month's Services
    The Tove Benefice services for the
    five Churches for the current month

    Notices for the Tove Benefice, Towcester, Nortamptonshire
    This Week's Notices
    Weekly Notices for the five
    Churches in the Tove Benefice

    About the Tove Benefice, Towcester, NortamptonshireAbout the Tove Benefice
    The Benefice serves five Churches in and
    around Towcester in Northamptonshire

    St Lawrence Churchyard, Towcester, Nortamptonshire
    St Lawrence Churchyard
    Information and amp for the Churchyard
    of St Lawrence, Towcester

    Safeguarding Notice:

    We are committed to following national and Church of England guidelines on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and good working practice, including safer recruitment of volunteers and paid workers.
    In the first instance, any concerns that you have should be addressed to the Benefice Safeguarding Officer:
    Stephanie Watts 0755 315 7175
    Further safeguarding information can be found at:


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