Churchyard Report - August 2017

Areas of the churchyard are starting to be managed a bit more now, with some of the pathways being cleared of weeds and the stretch alongside the road to the Mill having all of its branches raised to make it easier to walk along.
There is always wildlife around, and it tends to be Grey Squirrels, Jackdaws, and Pigeons, plus Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Robins, and a variety of smaller birds too.
Churchyard Report - August 2017Looking more closely, there is much more to be seen, with species that appear every year, such as the tiny Varied Carpet Beetle (pictured here), Juniper Shield bugs, and a variety of flies, hoverflies, and bees, that love the flowers.
Just occasionally, a visit will throw up a brand new sighting, and this summer was one of those times. Churchyard Report - August 2017While looking under the leaves of one of the larger trees, in amongst an abundance of small black flies, a new species of ladybird, an Orange Ladybird (pictured) was spotted, and photographed.
This is the first recorded sighting we have of this species in Towcester.
Very exciting.

Jenny Lunn

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