Churchyard Report - June 2015

The North path in the churchyard was the main focus for the work party in June.
This path runs alongside the road towards the mill and was a popular route for people walking through the churchyard.
Recently, however, the branches of the lime trees that majestically line the route had reached down to such a level that even I had to duck to walk along the path.
So with long handled loppers and a chainsaw the three tallest people took on the challenge, slowly reclaiming it branch by branch until reaching the far end and opening up the path once again.

St Lawrence Churchyard - The North Path   St Lawrence Churchyard - The North Path

The circular hedge surrounding the new Garden of Remembrance is itself partly surrounded by a narrow brick pavement about 18" in width.
Over the years this has slowly succumb to the grass creeping across it and the scattering of daisy settling in the gaps and bobbing their heads in the breeze.
The clearing of this has now begun with about a fifth of it being cleared.

A concrete seat has been placed into this Garden of Remembrance for people to sit on for reflection.
A grave just by the south door had become covered in nettles and grass that you could hardly see the top layer of stone of the monument, this became another target for the session and concentrated on revealing the three layers of stone that mark one end of the grave.
See the photographs on the St Lawrence Churchyard page.
If you would like to adopt an area of the churchyard, such as helping to keep the old garden of remembrance free of weeds, then let Alan Gilbert or myself know.
The Churchyard working party meet outside of the church on the first Saturday of every month at 9:45 am

Jenny Lunn

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