St Mary's, Easton Neston

To view the calendar for St Mary's please click here

To visit the web site for St Mary's, Easton Neston, please click on the photograph or maps belowThis link will take you to the St. Mary's Church pages on a web site called "Hugh's Pages", which has information and photographs the Church and a brief history.
There is a link back to this, the Tove Benefice web site, from there.

There is now a security gate restricting vehicular, but not pedestrian, access to the estate and the Church.
It will be open for services, but if you need regular access at other times, please register your number plate with the Office.
For an occasional visit, just ring the phone number posted at the gate.


Tove Benefice, St Mary's, Easton Neston

St Mary's Easton Neston in the Snow

St Mary's Churchyard, Easton Neston

St Mary's location in the Tove Benefice

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Access to the Church of St Mary, Easton Neston

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Tove Benefice Blue Line

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