Welcome to our New Curate

Hello, my name is Angela. I am very much looking forward to living and serving with you over the next few years. 
My husband Chris, and I moved to Greens Norton in June.
Previously we lived in Bretton on the edge of Peterborough as part of Holy Spirit church.
This church is only forty years old so it will be exciting for us to share in your much more ancient churches.
One of the strengths of Holy Spirit church that we will miss is the diversity of the congregation which includes people from almost every Christian tradition. So it will be a joy for us to discover the range of Christian experience that you have across your five churches.
Chris and I met at Holy Spirit church where Chris is a Reader.
We married there seven years ago.
We have six wonderful children between us, who are now in their twenties.
They are all bound to visit.
However you are most likely to meet the youngest two.
James is about to finish university, and David works nearby to you in a Harvester.
Another frequent visitor will be my mother Barbara.
She is a retired teacher and priest who is now in her eighties.
Last, but by no means least, is our granddaughter Kate.
She is four and of course a delight. 
I have been given a particular love of prayer and I am anticipating us sharing many prayer adventures together as we move deeper into God.
During my time with you I will be ministering and training as an assistant curate.
At present I am undertaking 
ordination training at St Mellitus Theological College.
I am learning so much there from both the teaching and the people I meet.
Having read theology back in the nineteen eighties and learnt some management since then; I am studying for an MA in Christian Leadership as part of my
formation programme.
My dissertation is on a passage from Luke’s gospel. 
It was when praying over a passage from the book of Acts one afternoon at Bouverie Court that I finally heard God’s call to ordained ministry.
However I have been heavily involved in church work throughout my adult life and moved with my previous husband to a whole series of different churches
around Britain, so you may find that I have turned my hand at most things, but as a lay person.
You will be joining Rev’d Paula in helping me to make the transition into ordained ministry.
I beg your patience, forgiveness, and love.
Know that you will have mine.
Above all may we never forget that we have
God’s love.


Welcome to our Our New Curate

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