September 2021

This is a list which is used over the week across the benefice.
Please take from it any items you sense and pray are right for the particular service at which you are leading the prayers on all our behalf.
Thank you so much.

Pray for our Archbishop Justin and Donald and John our Bishops.
We pray for our own Ministry team.

5th September      Pray for the Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan
                                 The Porvoo Churches – Salisbury, St Asaph, Ribe

12th September    Pray for The Anglican Church of Tanzania
                                 The Porvoo Churches – Tuam Killala and Achonry, Bath and Wells

19th September   Pray for The Church of the Province of Uganda
                                 The Porvoo Churches –
                                 Sheffield, Diocese of Greenland within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

26th September    Pray for The Episcopal Church
                                 The Porvoo Churches – Swansea and Brecon, Leicester

Our link diocese in Seoul, South Korea and for their Bishop Peter Lee
For all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parish and Wider Concerns

5th September     For a vibrant fellowship open to Gods transforming love.
For those living in Pound Close, Queens Road, Redcar Road.
For all involved with Towcester History Society, Towcester Museum and the Friends of the museum group.

12th September   For outward looking love.
For those living in Red House Drive, Redmoor, Reffield Close, Richmond Court.
For all involved with all Towcester’s Political Parties.

19th September   For growth in faith and trust in God, for our worship of God in all our lives.
For those living in Richmond Road, Roberson Close, Robin Close, Rowan Close.
For all involved with Darts Teams, Meadow court Indoor Bowling Club.

26th September    For us to invite others to know God and his love for them and to join us in his family.
For those living in Sandown Road, Sandringham Close, Sandyhome Road, Sedgefield Drive.
For all those involved with South Northamptonshire Volunteer Bureau.


5th September Barbara Creber Margaret Manser  
12th September Jean Shepherd Linda Wibley  
19th September David Thorne Eileen Salmons  
26th September ileen Scarff Mary Chaplin  Amanda Dunkley

RIP 1st Anniversary

Thomas Gooch (11th)  
Nancy Adams (18th)  
Alan John Maycock (21st)  

RIP Anniversary

John Hobday (5th)
Ron Causebrook (8th)
Harold Cann (7th)
Linda Hall (9th)
Jonathan Watts (7th)
Amanda Humphries (17th)    
Ivan George White (23rd) Kay Lloyd (24th) Godfrey King (25th)
Ron Pickles (30th) Eric Causebrook (2nd Oct) Enid Janes (2nd Oct)


1st Wedding Anniversary
Andrew and Hannah Burcham (12th)


George Edward Costello (5th Towcester)
Mungo George Wilson Woods (5th Greens Norton)
Lilian Tustian (12th Caldecote)
Wyatt Neil Ennis (19th Greens Norton)
Giorgio Giuseppe Michael Graziano (26th Towcester)

Clara Beardsmore-Baldwin (5th Towcester)

Tove Benefice Intercessions - December 2020

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