June 2021

This is a list which is used over the week across the benefice.
Please take from it any items you sense and pray are right for the particular service at which you are leading the prayers on all our behalf.
Thank you so much.

Pray for our Archbishop Justin and Donald and John our Bishops.
We pray for our own Ministry team.

6th June         Pray for The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
The Porvoo Churches – Iceland, The Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

13th June      Pray for The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
The Porvoo Churches – Argyll and the Isles, Connor, Lolland Falster

20th June      Pray for The Church of North India (United)
The Porvoo Churches – Diocese in Europe, Visby, Copenhagen

27th June      Pray for The Church of Pakistan (United)
The Porvoo Churches – Lincoln, Härnösand, Lappo

Our link diocese in Seoul, South Korea and for their Bishop Peter Lee
For all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parish and Wider Concerns

6th June        For growth in faith and trust in God, for our worship of God in all our lives.
For those living in Islington Court, Islington Road, Jenkinson Road.
For all involved with Towcester Health Centre and Brook Medical Centre.

13th June     For us to invite others to know God and his love for them and to join us in his family.
For those living in Juniper Close, Keats Drive, Kempton Drive, Kensington Close.
For all involved with Combined Charities, Hicks Charity, PSP, PSPCA.

20th June    For us to make a difference in the world.
For those living in Kipling Drive, Lauda Way, Laurel Place, Leeson Court.
For all involved with RAF Cadet Forces.

27th June    For a vibrant fellowship open to Gods transforming love.
For those living in Leeson Road, Link Way, Linnet Road, London Road.
For all those who work in cafes, restaurants and pubs in Towcester.


6th June

David Thorne




13th June

Eileen Grender

Eileen Scarff



20th June

Daphne Ruffle

Margaret Wardman



27th June

Eileen Winnet

Barbara Creber 

Mary Chaplin


RIP 1st Anniversary 
Gillian Smith (7)
John Mitchell (14)
Barbara King (19)
Christopher Reed (20)
Jill Popplewell (29)

RIP Anniversary
Anne Marriner (8)          Jim Stuchbury Jnr (6)              Judy Darbin (6)
Mick Collins (17)
George Hanson (20)      Revd Norman Jeffery (20)      Brian Scarff (24)
Barry Bearman (25)       Jean Jackson-Stops (26)         Betty Brooker (26)
Joan Robertson (28)      Alan Cox (29)                         
Frank Lines (1 July)        Derek Chaplin (2 July)

Pitram Josephs and Tirzah Hayes (5th, Towcester)
Jake Colbourne and Ffyona Harvey (5th, Easton Neston)


Tove Benefice Intercessions - December 2020

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