January 2021

This is a list which is used over the week across the benefice.
Please take from it any items you sense and pray are right for the particular service at which you are leading the prayers on all our behalf.

Pray for our Archbishop Justin and Donald and John our Bishops.
We pray for our own Ministry team.

3rd January       
Pray for the Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria
The Porvoo Churches – London, Nidaros

10th January    
Pray for the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
The Porvoo Churches – Oulu, Soer-Hålogaland (Bodoe), Coventry

17th January    
Pray for the Anglican Church of Australia
The Porvoo Churches – Tampere, Manchester

24th January   
Pray for the Church of Bangladesh
The Porvoo Churches – Birmingham, Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Elsinore

31st January    
Pray for Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
The Porvoo Churches – Bangor, Dublin and Glendalough

Our link diocese in Seoul, South Korea and for their Bishop Peter Lee
For all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Parish and Wider Concerns

3rd January         
For a vibrant fellowship open to Gods transforming love. 
For those living in Alchester Court, Amen Corner, Baden Powell Crescent, Bairstow Road. 
For those involved with Towcester Race Course, Towcester Football and Supporters’ Club

10th January
For outward looking love. 
For those living in Balmoral Close, Barn Close, Beech Close, Belle Baulk. 
For all involved with Towcester Branches of the British Heart Foundation and UK Voluntary Diabetic Group, Towcester Heartbeats.

17th January
For growth in faith and trust in God, for our worship of God in all our lives. 
For those living in Belle Fields, Bessies’s Lane, Bickerstaffes Road, Blackwell Close. 
For all involved with Moor Field, Ridgway House, Duncote Hall.

24th January     
For us to invite others to know God and his love for them and to join us in his family.
For those living in Blake Close, Bradden, Brackley Road, Bramble Road.  
For all involved with Towcester Choral Society, Towcester Studio Band, Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts School.

31st January        
For us to make a difference in the world. 
For those living in Bransons Lane, Briary Close, Brick Kiln Close. 
For all those involved with Towcester Day Nursery, Klas Day Nursery, Tiny Tows and all Towcester’s Playgroups.


3rd January

Eileen Winnet

Lucy Keen           

Barbara Creber       

Mary Chaplin

10th January

Jean Shepherd

Linda Wibley

Eileen Salmons

Austin Fields

17th January

David Thorne




24th January

Eileen Grender

Margaret Lawson

Eileen Scarff


31st January

Daphne Ruffle

Margaret Wardman



RIP 1st Anniversary 
Joan Leeson (5)           Joyce Buckley (10)          June Tuck (13)          Christopher Hood (3 Feb)   

RIP Anniversary
Harold James (9)                   Arthur Rogerson (12)                      Nicholas Weaver (13)
John Tuplin (18)                    Arthur Bearman (22)                       Hugh Janes (27)
Peter Saul (4 Feb)

Tove Benefice Intercessions - December 2020

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