April 2021

This is a list which is used over the week across the benefice.
Please take from it any items you sense and pray are right for the particular service at which you are leading the prayers on all our behalf.
Thank you so much.

Pray for our Archbishop Justin and Donald and John our Bishops.
We pray for our own Ministry team.

4th April              Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
The Porvoo Churches – Uppsala, Llandaff

11th April           Pray for the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Porvoo Churches – Derby, Clogher and Aalborg

18th April          Pray for the Church of Ireland
The Porvoo Churches – Blackburn, Brechin and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain

25th April          Pray for the Porvoo Churches
The Peterborough Diocese Cycle of Prayer information for 25th April onwards is not currently available. 
Please check nearer to the date.

Our link diocese in Seoul, South Korea and for their Bishop Peter Lee
For all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parish and Wider Concerns

4th April        For us to invite others to know God and his love for them and to join us in his family. 
For those living in Dryden Road, Earls Farm Way, Epsom Avenue.  
For all involved with Sunday Shoots, St Lawrence Church Choir, Men’s and Women’s Curry Clubs

11th April      For us to make a difference in the world. 
For those living in Easton Neston, Farriers Court, Fontwell Drive, Gilbert Scott Court. 
For all involved with Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, District Adult Leaders, Trefoil Guild.

18th April      For a vibrant fellowship open to Gods transforming love. 
For those living in Graham Hill Road, Grass Close, Green Lane, Greens Norton. 
For all involved with St Lawrence Prayer Group, Benefice Bible Study group.

25th April     For outward looking love. 
For those living in Greens Norton Road, Greenview Drive, Hampton Court Close, Hardy Close. 
For all involved with Probus Clubs of Towcester, Towcester Centurions.


4th April

Eileen Grender

Eileen Scarff



11th April

Daphne Ruffle

Margaret Wardman



18th April

Eileen Winnet

Barbara Creber     

Mary Chaplin


25th April

Jean Shepherd

Linda Wibley

Eileen Salmons


RIP 1st Anniversary 

Ronald Smith (4)

Bernard Thorne (18),                       Barbara Thorne (19)

Dorothy Archer (30)

RIP Anniversary
Hector Cameron (6)                        Jack Weaver (7)                              Alexina Leslie (7)
Rev Walter Hobday (11)                Doreen Wond (12)                          William Douglas (13)
Mick Bearman (19)                         Fred Williams (21)                          Eileen Janes (27)   

Tim Lane and Elizabeth Hodges (5)

Tove Benefice Intercessions - December 2020

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