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This Week's Notices

Week beginning 16th December

We give thanks for the appointment of our Child and Family Worker starting in January.
Pray for Claire Reetz and us all together in this new venture.
Details are in the January Tove Messenger.

Ben and Sarah’s leaving Lunch
We are hosting a leaving lunch for Ben and Sarah on 6th January in Towcester Town Hall.
If you wish to attend this lunch please let the Office know by December 21st.

Carol Singing on the Wards
Christmas Eve at 7.00 pm

Come and meet us at the 'back' of Cliftonville Restaurant for 6.45pm.
All are welcome to come and support us.
Refreshments will be served from 8.00 pm onwards in Cliftonville Restaurant.
Musicians welcome to bring any portable instruments to play on the wards.
For further details please contact Revd. George Sarmezey (01604) 545773

Representatives for Churches Together in Towcester
Following the departure of Nic and Becca, we have no lay Churches Together in Towcester representatives.
This exciting group has been the foundation of The Foodbank, the Renew 169 Cafe, our Carols on the Square and much more.
Would you like to represent us there?
Please talk to Ben.

Christmas Lunch in the Chantry
There is a list at the back of Church if you can offer to help or supply any of require items for the lunch.

The Chantry is open on Christmas Eve
10:00 am until 2:30 pm to receive items for the dinner.
I plan to shut it all up at 4:00 pm.
Jenny will be available to take item on Sunday 23rd December at the morning service.

Help in Additional Service
At the back of the Church is a list of the extra services we are offering over the run up to Christmas. 
The Clergy require some help with welcome desk for these services.
Please sign up.

Things to do at St Bartholomew’s
Wednesday 9.00 am   -   Totsown Tea and Toast
Thursday 7.30 pm   -   Bellringers
Saturday 10.30 am   -   Coffee and biscuits

This Week's Notices